Sermon Podcasts From LedgeRock Community Church

The Law & Grace Part 2

2019-03-17 Angus McDonald

The Law & Grace - pt 1

2019-03-03 Angus McDonald

United in Christ Part I

2019-02-17 Angus McDonald

Praise and Worship

2019-01-20 Angus McDonald

Prayer, The Fundamental Foundation

2019-01-13 Angus McDonald

The Centrality of Peace With God

2019-01-06 Angus McDonald

Stoop, Stoop, Lower Still to Worship the Descended Christ

2018-12-23 Angus McDonald

3 Wise Men, 3 Wise Gifts

2018-12-16 Angus McDonald

Peace On Earth, Goodwill To Men

2018-12-09 Angus McDonald

Operation C

2018-12-02 Angus McDonald

A Radicial Attitude of Gratitude

2018-11-18 Angus McDonald

The Great Turning Point

2018-11-04 Angus McDonald

The Newest Normal

2018-10-28 Angus McDonald

Short of the Glory

2018-10-21 Angus McDonald

Vetting the Judge

2018-10-14 Angus McDonald

The Fundamental Issue

2018-10-07 Angus McDonald

Why Loving Love Is Essential

2018-09-30 Angus McDonald

Testimonies from the Layspeakers

2018-09-25 Layspeakers Class

My Strength, My Song

2018-09-09 Tim Stoufer

Without Excuse

2018-09-04 Angus McDonald

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