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Online Giving

Your tithes, offerings, and donations can be given online!

LedgeRock Community Church can now receive online payments! This will allow givers more flexibility in making their tithes, offerings, and donations to the Lord’s work through our church. Click the "Give Online" button below or download the mobile app called Church Center. This is available for iOS or Android. For a quick tutorial on how to give online, please watch the video on this page.

More Information About Online Giving

There are 2 ways to make online donations:

ACH bank transfer:

  • These can be one-time or set up for recurring donations
  • The processing fee is only $.30 for each transaction
  • Follow the online instructions for verifying and linking your bank account
  • Bank transfers take about one week to be received

Credit or Debit Card:

  • These can be one-time or set up for recurring donations
  • The processing fee is approximately 2.2% plus $.30 per transaction
  • Follow the online instructions to add your card information
  • Credit and debit card payments take about 2-3 business days to be received

The processing fee for a transaction is clearly shown just above the “Give Now” button.

Processing fees are subtracted from your online donations. Before clicking the Give Now button, you have the option of “covering the fee” by checking a box to do so.

For example, a $100 credit card payment has a $2.50 processing fee.

  • If you check the box to “cover the fee”, your card will be charged $102.50, and an even $100 will be sent to our church.
  • If you choose not to check the box, your card will be charged for $100, and only $97.50 will be sent to our church.

Your annual giving statement will reflect only the amounts actually sent to our church.

All online payments require an email address. A receipt will automatically be emailed to you.

You can make transactions without having your information saved. Or for convenience, you can create an account with your email address and a password to save your information. This will allow you to log in, and makes sending additional online donations a little easier. The church does not have or retain your financial information for online payments.

The words “Ledgerock Church” will show on your bank statement or credit card account, so you can easily confirm where your donation went.

In addition to giving to our General Fund, you can also choose to donate to the Benevolence Fund, or to the current Monthly Missions Project. The list of the missions projects can be found on our website.

And as always, you may continue to give by check or cash. You may mail checks to the church address at PO Box 128, Ely MN 55731, Attn: Financial Secretary.

If you have questions or need assistance, your Financial Secretaries, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be glad to help.